Master of One Network

Episode 58.1: Founding A Civilization

Episode Summary

One month down in 2017 and we're finally recovered from the holidays. Took us a minute. Patric starts the discussion with his review of the James McAvoy vehicle Split. Andrew follows it up with talk of his week: La La Land, The Magicians and the print "El Fauno" from Hero Complex Gallery. Luke finishes us up with talk of the documentary City of Gold and the NBC show The Good Place. Recommended watches for sure. After the break Patrick jumps back in with an extended review of the film The Founder featuring Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch. Although not without its flaws, it's a super solid watch and a film you will likely enjoy. The conversation moves to Luke and talk of the ward-winning virtual board game that is Civilization VI. It's a complex game that allows for very unique worlds and challenges. This game is worth it. Andrew finished out the master categories and the episode by introducing us to artist David Ardinaryas Lojay. David, in his whimsical style, manages to capture characters perfectly. It's good looking stuff you'll want to check out.

Episode Notes