Master of One Network

Episode 54.1: Crystalized - New Year. New Fun.

Episode Summary

We are back and we’re starting off the year right. Luke kicks off our first Around the Table of 2017 with excitement over finishing his desktop. We get a little in the weeds over driver talk but don’t worry, we recover. Patrick takes over the conversation and is bringing several things to the table. First he shares his love of the film La La Land. Go see it (he says). He then dives into a mini rant over the preview of Patriots Day and then recovers with talk of a beautifully crafted iPhone game, Alto’s Adventure. Andrew rounds us out by doing a small amount of bragging over his Mario Run achievements and then talks Dribbble sticker goodness. Master Categories Patrick (TV & Film): Gives his review of the new sci-fi Chris Pratt vehicle, Passengers. He is less than impressed to say the least. Andrew (Toys & Games): Talks the board game Quartz and gives it a big endorsement. I mean, who doesn’t like shiny, jewel-like game pieces. Luke (Art & Design): Teaches you how to be the Disney expert in the room: by picking up the reasonably priced book all about the Mouse, The Disney Book.

Episode Notes