Master of One Network

Episode 52.1: Rogue Run

Episode Summary

Holy wow it’s another week of pop-culture goodness. These things never end, right? Luke gets everything kicked off for us with talk of his Mof1 secret santa; Dianne Gibbs! Birds for days. Patrick takes the conversation over and discusses his Hero Complex Gallery mystery Tube (we love those people) followed by the revelation of Reddit secret santa surprises. Secret Santa == Christmas. Angie Callen – the new kid – takes it over and discusses her time on the slopes. Andrew takes the reigns and rounds everything out with talk of his Ape Meets Girl surprise. Luke (Art & Design): Gets something he’s been eyeing a while. A Mythical Monsters of the Past print from Randy Ortiz! Andrew (Toys & Games): Andrew discusses Nintendo’s much anticipated project with Apple: Super Mario Run. You know this is a ten-out-of-ten, right? Patrick (TV & Film): Talks about what we’ve been waiting on: the newest installment of the Star Wars movie-verse. Listen to hear our thoughts. Obviously.

Episode Notes