Master of One Network

Episode 50.1: Heart of Darkness - and the Fall of Art Education

Episode Summary

The Masters have a lot to talk about after an eventful week consuming creativity. They kick off the week with excitement over the upcoming Mondo Gallery goodness: A Nickelodeon Show! Patrick, however, only has eyes for La La Land which releases this week! Patrick continues the discussion with a brief review of the Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson movie, The Edge of Seventeen (spoiler, he isn’t seventeen and that affected his review). He then finishes up by showing off his new Natebear pin ‘Cat-A-Tonic’ and prints. Such goods. Luke takes over the conversation with his Kolb informed D20 pin purchase. It’s black and gold and rad all over. Andrew finishes off with a massive mail-dump: Mondo, Kolbisneat, Doc Reed, Maxistentialism and more. This dude is feeling good this week. Luke (Toys & Games): Has been enjoying first-person mech destruction fun with Titanfall 2. Listen to his full review. Andrew (Art & Design): Is excited to tell you about Artist’s for Education, a program that provides good, educational art for classrooms… and you can help make it happen. Patrick (TV & Film): Brings it home in a big way with a spoiler-filled wrap-up of season 1 of Westworld. It is our addiction for good reasons. Check it out.

Episode Notes