Master of One Network

Episode 47.1: Late Arrival: A Redemption Story? - with Andrew Kolb

Episode Summary

The far to silly + sleepy Masters talk their excitement for ReImagine Conference and DesignerCon as well as what is new and cool to them this week! Luke kicks us off with talk of his D&D homebrew getaway to a secluded cabin. He did not finish. Whatever that means. Patrick picks up the conversation with excitement for the soon to be released Grand Tour. If you aren’t familiar with Top Gear – or all the drama – then get to Googling. Finally, Andrew brings us home with talk of his DesignerCon piece for SquaredCo based on Over the Garden Wall. Lookup Andrew on Instagram @andr3wsal3 to get a peek today! Patrick (TV & Film) is excited to recommend the new movie Arrival featuring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. It’s probably not what you’re expecting but it’s way more awesome. Andrew (Art & Design) talks East Coast Spoke Art Bad Dads exhibit featuring amazing work by artists such as Tyler Stout and Joshua Budish’s son! He also highlights the “El Fauno” piece by Vance Kelly and pleads for someone to gift it to him (since he already spent his money on Kolb). Luke (Toys & Games) reveals his latest (and Patrick’s only) Super Double Diamond Club figure from The Loyal Subjects. It’s Skeletor. It’s on eBay… but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Episode Notes