Master of One Network

Episode 46.1: Strange Builds & Community Raids!

Episode Summary

Luke kicks everything off with talk of Critical Roll – the show where voice actors walk through epic D&D campaigns. Luke then transitions the conversation to Overwatch which is where the conversation picks up with it’s newest converts, Andrew and Patrick. After a brief discussion of Kingdom Hearts 3d, Andrew passes the conversation over to Patrick where he wraps everything up with his review of Hacksaw Ridge. Andrew tries to lighten the mood and break up the conversation but Patrick is having none of it. Patrick (Toys & Games) talks in depth about his transition away from consoles and the new PC he built. It’s mean… and white + red. Andrew (TV & Film) is on his movie watching game and bringing reviews of two new films from this past week: Trolls and Doctor Strange. While he likes them both, he only really love one. Paging Dr. Obvious. Luke (Art & Design) introduces his friend Chris aka Christmas Rodriguez to talk his experience at BlizzCon 2016. From the conversation it’s obviously the place you want to be next year.

Episode Notes