Master of One Network

Episode 42.1: The Frail Identity of Sisyphus

Episode Summary

Luke kicks us off around the table by talking about his newly received Glen Brogan Overwatch print from Hero Complex gallery. He loves the game and Glen really did it up right. Luke also picked up a new phone for play: the Motorola Moto Z Play with Hasselblad camera module. Patrick is thankful for American Express catching some fraud… and even more excited for the upcoming episode 3 of Westworld. Finally, Andrew is left in the heat while his landlords count their cold, hard cash. He also spends his days catching up on freelance projects and invoicing his friends. Shoutout to the Mof1 Podcast Inktober friends and family! Luke (Art & Design): brings us the video Mall 84 from Gervert, a film that captures mall life in the 80’s and makes Luke feel all the feels. He also talks the Kickstarter Sisyphus (thanks Doc)… and chain-smoking ducks? Patrick (TV & Film): talks the new film The Girl on the Train and tells you why you should – or shouldn’t – give it a watch. Andrew (Toys & Games): gives a big shoutout to show friend Huck Gee and then goes on to talk RXSEVEN and his new Comic-Con piece, Frail & Desolate. Super great original piece that Andrew is super excited to own.

Episode Notes