Master of One Network

Episode 33.1: The Missing Master

Episode Summary

The Master's are one down but not out as they welcome guest host Will C. and bring you more newness from the world of creative pop-culture

Episode Notes

Around The Table

The Olympics have stolen away one of our Master’s and left the other two to work it out on their own. Thankfully, friend of the show Will C. was willing to step up and fill the large, bad smelling shoes left behind. We kick everything off with talk of the new DC movie everyone has already seen (according to box office numbers), Suicide Squad. Luke & Will can’t agree on their favorite character but they can agree it doesn’t all work. Will C. then jumps in with talk of the Rio pin set released by AT&T and leads right into Patrick complaining about – what else – internet. Patrick talks about his experience with Sling TV and what it’s lacking… and how Hulu may be the answer to all of his problems soon enough.

Master Categories

Patrick (TV & Film): Is trying out one of HBO’s newest offerings, Vice Principals with Danny McBride and Walton Goggins (forever Boyd Crowder). Decent premise and good cast but does it do enough to stand out on its on? Patrick doesn’t think so.

Luke (Toys & Games): Just returned from the land of his people aka GenCon! He has now played all the cool new tabletop games out there and he’s going to tell you about every. single. one. Get out your pen and paper and start taking notes.

Will C (Art & Design Guest): Talks about the flood that recently struck Ellicott City and how he and some friends are using design to help rebuild. He then closes out the show with the un-tubing of his mystery tube from Dennis & Christina at Arsenal Handicraft.