Master of One Network

Episode 3.1: Sequentiality (and the art of Comic-Styles Illustration)

Episode Summary

The Masters kick off the new year!

Episode Notes

Around The Table

Luke kicks things off by talking about getting (and the excitement of assembling) the Ghostbusters Fire Station, by LEGO. Patrick talks about picking up a new Print from Mondo of the Dark Knight. Andrew finishes things off by talking about getting the new Black Series (1:1 Scale Replica) Kylo Ren helmet.

Master Categories

Patrick (Toys & Games): Talks about an Apple Watch game and the new Sket One X Kidrobot collaboration of the Sriracha Dunnys.

Luke (TV & Film): Talks about the 70mm viewing of the Tarantino film ‘The Hateful 8.’

Andrew (Art & Design): Talks about ‘The Art of The Force Awakens’ and artist of the Star Wars Black Series box art ‘Gregory Titus.’