Master of One Network

Episode 2.1: The Dynamic Design Duo

Episode Summary

This week the Masters talk Virtual Reality, Expensive Sandwiches & Adult Stop-motion Films.

Episode Notes

Around The Table

Patrick kicks things off by talking about some packages that came in the mail, as well as a fun package from Hero Complex Gallery. Luke talks about some custom painting that he has done on his Stormtrooper designer helmet, and the gifts he has been getting for Hanukkah from ‘Cards Against Humanity.’ Andrew finishes things off by talking about his mystery tube, and an original 1992 Ninja Turtles magazine.

Master Categories

Andrew (TV & Film): Talks about a new adult-themed stop-motion film called ‘Anomolisa.’

Luke (Sciences): Talks about the new version of an old classic, ‘View Master.’

Patrick (Food): Talks about a gentleman who spends a lot of money and a lot of time, trying to make a sandwich from scratch.